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Outsourcing analysis & review

Case Study - DIY Manufacturer

A manufacturer of DIY products changed its strategy from manufacturing in-house to sub-contracting to China. As a result it had no future requirement for one of its manufacturing and warehouse facilities. It therefore decided to outsource the warehousing for one of its largest customers to a 3PL.

Burman Associates was asked to analyse the data available, short list a number of shared-user warehouse and distribution companies, produce an ITT, analyse the responses and assist in the decision making process. As a result a 3PL company was chosen close to the manufacturer’s major customer and the operation was successfully transferred.

A similar exercise was undertaken to choose a long term Freight Forwarding partner for our client to manage its inbound shipments from China, Sri Lanka and the USA. Trial shipments with three short-listed candidates were arranged and the most suitable Freight Forwarder was chosen. Decisions were based on reliability, cost and culture of the organisation.

Case Study - Working with 3PLs

Burman Associates has also worked with 3PL companies assisting them in responding to ITTs and Requests for Quotations. This usually involves:

  • Activity-based cost modelling to calculate manpower and equipment requirements
  • Calculating vehicle and driver resources
  • Supporting the 3PL during presentations to the client
  • Assisting with the contract implementation, using experienced consultants and interim managers.

Once an outsourcing agreement is in place, Burman Associates has assisted clients in evaluating whether they are receiving value for money from the supplier. A major UK retailer has recently saved 10% of their logistics costs per annum as a result of a Burman Associates VfM analysis.


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