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Transport & shipping management

Case Study - Retailer

Utilising a route optimisation software package, Burman Associates was recently able to reduce the fleet size, the total number of drivers and the overall mileage for a major UK retailer thus significantly reducing its overall transport costs. The optimisation programme took into account retail store opening hours, night time delivery, congested routes, loading and unloading time limits and many other factors which were likely to affect the overall operation.

The programme enabled the client to run a number of “what if” scenarios to establish optimum transportation operations. The use of these programmes will continue as and when the retailer opens or relocates future stores.

Case Study - DIY Manufactuer

A major manufacturer of DIY products has recently benefited from the advice given by us regarding customs tariffs, details of order consolidation centres in China and the choice of an experienced freight forwarding agent to assist in their transition from a UK based manufacturing company to a global manufacturing company.

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