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Case Studies

Operational audits conducted in recent years for customers identified a number of areas for improvement, including the following:

  • “Over one-third of the floor area of the premises was occupied by inventory – taking raw materials, work-in-progress and finished stock altogether.”
  • “There was enough stock of some items in inventory to last over 70 years at current usage rates”
  • “We found enough safety gloves in stock to keep the company going for over 3 years – and more had just been ordered…..”
  • “All the production materials were managed very tightly with a high inventory turnover – but then we discovered over £2 million pounds worth of spare parts, with no control system or records…..”
  • “The warehouse was spotlessly clean and all items and locations were clearly labelled, but there had been no analysis of what to store where, so some frequently used items were high up, and some rarely accessed items were at floor level.”

Burman Associates recently reviewed the total supply chain operation for major DIY products supplier which resulted in a number of strategic actions including the transfer of a warehouse and distribution operation from in-house to a 3PL. We also managed the Invitation to Tender (ITT) process, evaluation of tenders and assistance in selecting a 3PL, following on from the audit.

We were asked to audit a specialist transport company on behalf of a major European financial institution. We instigated a customer survey, conducted a full audit of the transport company’s operations and produced a comprehensive operational due diligence report. Following the amendment of some of their initial ideas, the decision was then made by the financial institution to invest in the transport company.

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