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Supply chain management

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Importing and exporting (56KB pdf file)

International logistics

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International supplier selection

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Logistics outsourcing

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Training is critical to the continued success of your business and the continued development of the skills of your workforce. We provide training in supply chain management for all levels, from general introduction to specialist one-to-one coaching for managers, in the UK and in Europe. We have solid experience of delivering training in multi-lingual environments, and of working with translator-trainers.

  • Public Courses (multi-company)
  • One to one coaching for managers
  • In-house seminars
  • Tailored short courses
  • Workshops
  • Training needs analysis


Subjects include:

Supply chain management
International supplier selection
Distribution & Logistics
Sourcing & procurement
Supplier auditing
Warehouse management
Logistics outsourcing
Strategic sourcing
Transport management
Scheduling & forecasting
Importing & exporting
ITT for outsourcing



Our courses range from one day duration to a longer term programme which can be undertaken over several months. Where relevant, we also link up with Universities and Colleges in the UK and across Europe who specialise in Supply Chain Management to offer accredited courses.


Our supply chain training courses can be taught in a classroom situation, project/workshop environment or through distance learning combined with teaching and tutoring. Emphasis is on combining theory with practical case studies, based on our own experiences and our knowledge of best practice.


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