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Benchmarking & performance management

Case Study - Brewing

We conducted a benchmarking exercise for a group of companies in the brewing industry. Although many of the companies in this exercise were competitors, they saw the value in being able to share information on each others’ performance and processes, so that they could understand what was capable of being achieved within that industry.

Case Study - Office Equipment

We were recently asked to conduct a comparative benchmarking exercise of the enquiry, sales and delivery processes for an international supplier of office equipment. By understanding what other companies in the industry were doing through telephone interviews across Europe, the company was able to identify opportunities for improvement.

Case Study - DIY Products

Having assisted a major DIY products manufacturer with outsourcing its UK warehouse and distribution operation we also worked with both parties to produce meaningful, easily measurable and cost effective KPIs to ensure that the new contract got off on the right footing and enabled both parties to monitor progress throughout the term of the contract.

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