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Business Support

Case Study - Funding Sources

Burman Associates was able to identify sources of funding to help a number of companies across Automotive, Aerospace and industrial sectors. The funding came from a variety of sources including EU grants, local and national government schemes and business link initiatives. By accessing these funds, we were able to help companies to train staff, develop their marketing capabilities, invest in capital equipment and initiate development work – all with the ultimate aim of improving their supply chain competitiveness.

Case Study - Due Diligence

For a European venture capital company, we recently undertook a full Due Diligence review of a specialist transport company with a view to a potential management buy-in and equity investment. The review included the following:

  • a comprehensive customer survey
  • competitor analysis
  • staff interviews and an operational audit
  • evaluation of proposed business plan
  • the development of a potential exit strategy

The investment went ahead on the recommendations of the team of advisors.

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