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Demand forecasting & scheduling

Case Study - Scheduling

Our support to customers has ranged from the simplification of an unduly complicated scheduling and planning system through to the creation of complex algorithms using sophisticated modelling and simulation tools. The result in each case has been to significantly reduce inventory and maximise utilisation on costly equipment for our customers.

For one particular customer in the Aircraft industry, our success was attributed to the approach we took to arriving at a solution. By having a good understanding of the ground rules of the equipment and the business environment in order to create robust heuristic rules, and exploiting cheap computing power by using sophisticated scheduling software on a day-to-day basis, we were able to deliver a scheduling process that was both visible and flexible.

Case Study - Sales Forecasting

We were recently asked to help an international car company to improve its sales forecasting process. The lack of good forecasting meant that they had to carry excessive inventory to compensate. By introducing some simple statistical forecasting techniques, removing non value added activities from the process itself and introducing some simple metrics into the sales forecasting process, the customer was able to forecast with improved accuracy and reduce inventory costs.


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