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Inventory analysis & management

Case Study - Software Manufacturer

We helped a software manufacturer to rationalise its stock of product and dispose of the obsolete stoftware.  Although the client had released version 6.1 of its software, it continued to store copies of version 1.2 as they still had a value on the books.  Removing the obsolete software resulted in a significant saving in third-party warehousing costs.

Case Study - Manufacturing

We were recently approached to undertake a 100% manual stock count for a client in the manufacturing sector.  Daily metrics as to the count's progress were to be provided and audits carried out to verify the accuracy of the count.  The total number of stock keeping units (SKU) amounted to over 20,000 and with a value estimated at over £2.5 million.  The stock count activity was identified as the first in a series of activities aimed at reducing inventory costs by more than 30%.


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