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Sourcing & procurement

Case Study - Relocating to Eastern Europe

For a UK company who wished to relocate its manufacturing facilities to Romania from the UK, we were able to support the project by providing a team of local experts who could ensure the smooth transition by better understanding of the language, culture and legislative requirements. The project took less than 18 months from start to finish.

Case Study - Better Supplier Selection

We were asked recently by a leading tier 1 automotive supplier to define and implement a better way to help them select their suppliers. We worked with them to build a new process based on best practices across several industries. The result was that the company was able to more confidently select suppliers for a high risk new product. One year on, the company are still happy with the decisions made using the new process.

Case Study - Finding Capable Chinese Suppliers

An Aerospace company had tried 3 times to find suppliers in China who could meet all their requirements for a non-safety critical assembly. We listened carefully to their requirements and, using our team of Chinese speaking experts, we were able to shortlist a number of capable candidates, from which the company was able to select two suppliers who met all their needs.


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