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Warehouse operations, systems & design

Case Study - Harding Brothers                                                                 

In response to a potential 40% increase in throughput, as a result of the introduction of new clients, Burman Associates were asked to assist the management team at Harding Brothers to increase capacity at their existing warehouse.

Following a full review of the operation the warehouse layout was redesigned in order to improve the throughput of goods throughout the warehouse, offices were moved to provide further space and improvements were introduced to the warehouse processes.

The improved warehouse was able to cope with the anticipated increase in volume satisfactorily.


Case Study - United Utilities                                                                    

United Utilities, having decided to redevelop a site which housed an established warehouse operation, asked Burman Associates to assist them in determining their future warehouse strategy.

Burman Associates reviewed the total operation and came to the following conclusions:

The size of the warehouse could be reduced in size by 25%Equipment should be delivered directly from the manufacturer to the engineersExcess inventory could be reduced appreciablyThe manufacturer should manage the reverse logistics process and refurbish faulty equipment.

The new warehouse is operating efficiently and all our recommendations have been implemented.


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