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Auditing & diagnostics

Business benefits

  • An independent review and examination of a company’s practices in a particular area of the business is generally conducted through detailed interviews, questionnaires, workshops and forums with managers and employees to capture relevant information. By thoroughly understanding its strengths and weaknesses using a structured approach, a company can use information from an audit to identify gaps in its practices and thus improve in areas where it can leverage business benefit.
  • However, looking only internally at one’s own practices can be limiting! As well being able to understand its assets and resources, processes and systems, a company needs to look beyond its own boundaries to determine:
    • how it compares to best practices
    • how its customers’ view the company’s practices
    • how effectively the company works with its suppliers.
  • Whether looking at the whole supply chain or one aspect of it (such as transport or warehouse operations), a good audit requires involvement of external and internal parties to ensure a complete understanding.

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