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Business Support

Accessing Specialised Services

A number of support activities in the supply chain are very specialised and are costly for companies to support on a permanent basis. However, many of these services are vital for companies’ survival or for helping companies to grow in new, unexplored territories.

A company may require expert knowledge on upcoming legislation in the supply chain, such as WEEE or the working time directive; it may need support in moving to new countries requiring customs, import & export advice or it may be looking for potential partners in these countries who could smooth their move into these countries. Either way, specialised services such as this are necessary to guarantee their success.

For many small and medium sized companies, investment in new supply chain skills, gaining knowledge of best practices or accessing new markets can be prohibitively expensive. However, in almost every case, funding support is available to help such companies to develop their supply chain. The key is in being able to find out what sources of funding are available and being able to effectively access it.


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