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Burman Associates is a member of the European Logistics Consortium Ltd.

Typical projects


Major UK Utility Company               

  • Strategic review of current warehousing operation
  • Extended review to analyse complete supply chain
  • Reduced warehouse requirement from 50,000 sq.ft. to 10,000 sq.ft. by delivering direct from suppliers
  • Introduced new operations procedures
  • Ongoing consultancy support


European Office Products Company

  • Benchmarking of current delivery performance
  • Contacted over 20 companies within the same and related market sectors
  • Provided consistent and reliable data on delivery and installation processes


UK Ship’s Chandlery

  • Re-organised warehouse operation to cope with 40% increase in business
  • Created increased space within existing warehouse
  • Ongoing consultancy support


European Venture Capital Company

  • Undertook full review of a specialist transport company with a view to purchase
  • Undertook a customer survey
  • Evaluated proposed business plan
  • Produced a due diligence report
  • Produced a potential exit strategy


Romanian White and Brown Goods Distributor

  • Undertook a full strategy review
  • Evaluated white and brown goods market within Europe
  • Proposed the establishment of a Buying Group to enhance opportunities
  • Ongoing consultancy support


Global automotive manufacturer

  • Produced a sales forecasting tool
  • Provided an Interim Manager